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Jul 10, 2011 6:30am PDT
no homes to return to. many of the people from the recent fighting have no homes. big humanitarian crisis in south sudan. >> what does the future hold for south sudan? >> it is bright if people can help them and build roads and in essence tugss. tugs. >> the world watching, what should we pray for? >> for the peace of sudan and pray that many more people come to the lord. so pray for the peace of sudan no. 1, no. 2, pray that more people will be open to the gospel and have an opportunity to hear it. >> governments like the u.s., what can we do to help? >> u.s. government giving 100 million dollars a year in military aid to beef up their sudan people's liberation army. south sudan army. that is needed if they are going to stand a chance against this giant in the north that may want to do things their own way and fight with them again. >> gary, thank you so much. we know you'll keep us posted. >> you can learn more about christian ministries, visit our website at "christian world news" >>> sub sue harn africa, george thomas takes us there. >> reporter: 20 years after the end inside south af
Jul 17, 2011 6:30am PDT
unreasonable. >> reporter: but the big vision of the arc came from a little arc. >> it came from the heart of 8-year-old girl. she drew a little picture. her dad took it and the government officials took it. they developed a plan. the marketing team came along side. the hong kong government came to support it as well. >> reporter: the contractors built the same arc the same dimensions the bible said noah did. 300 cubics long, 30 cubics high. many believe it was the largest wooden structure ever. one thing you noticed up close is that it's big, very big. outside it features 70 pairs of life size replicas of animals. inside it contains exhibits of animals, a can and exotic fish. it shows how the arc could have been constructed. you also discovered story of major flood is nearly universal throughout the world's ancient culture. the design told noah's story at the time he opened the arc at the flood. >> the reason we chose that moment in the story. this is the message we want to bring to hong kong and bring to china today. it's there, in our lives we will also face flood. we wi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2